our solution

How we do it

Picking strawberries is an art, as strawberries can easily get damaged or bruised. Our strawberry picking hand is designed to handle the berries with great care.

The hand carefully pushes away obstacles and adjacent strawberries, encloses the target strawberry without touching the berry, cuts the stem and sends the berry straight into a punnet. This is a highly effective picking method.

Strawberries ripe unevenly giving large variation in colour and size. We use machine vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for recognition and categorizing of berries. Strawberries tend to grow in clusters and our solution is handling the challenges of identifying and pick individual berries.

Our dome-construction secures light control at all times of the day and night, and enables the picker to operate 24/7 when needed. The dome and picking arm are mounted on top of the Thorvald platform developed by our partner Saga Robotics.

high tech solution

Our automatic strawberry harvester is a a high-tech approach to agriculture. We utilize modern technology with advanced artificial intelligence in order to spot and sort the strawberries. All parts are specially designed to pick the berries accurate, fast and with care.

The platform

The autonomous platform is developed by our partner company Saga Robotics. This is a multipurpose platform which allows the farmers to mount different tools for different operations. The dome ensures controlled light conditions for the picker to operate at all weather conditions and times of the day.

the picker

The picker has fingers that gently push obstacles away and swallow the target berry without touching using closed-loop control based on in-hand sensing. The stem is cut and the berry goes directly into the punnet. The hand continues to the next berry without delay. Our robotic arm is designed inhouse.

Artificial Intelligence

Advanced perception and AI (artificial Intelligence) algorithms are used. The system can categorize and sort the berries, and a closed loop system ensures high accuracy when picking strawberries in clusters.